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2,5 hours

Herculaneum for kids is a special private tour that provides the highlights of the buried roman Town along with fun-filled activities, challenges and games for your children! Herculaneum4kids is a unique tour for children from 6 to 11 yrs old and their families. It will be un unforgettable journey into the past for everyone in the family.

The tour is an interactive, workshop-like experience. It will keep your kids engaged and excited about the Roman World during your visit and even later with some take-home activities.

Get the most out of your family tour to Ancient Herculaneum.

Herculaneum for kids – tour details:

INCLUDED Official Tour guide; on-tour-activities; post-tour Herculaneum4Kids Activity Book; Special Map
EXTRA Entrance fees to Herculaneum
OPTIONAL Transfer by private vehicle
MEETING PLACE Herculaneum Ticket Office
KID FRIENDLY Of course!! see all family friendly tours
DRESS CODE Wear appropriate shoes. Sun gears from May to September

This special tour is not only made-for-children – to arouse their interest – but mainly made-by-children-on-tour: kids will be the actual guides of the excursion finding their way through our special map. Through games, riddles, clues, mimes etc.. the map of the Ancient City will be reconstructed with its inhabitants and its life.

During the visit some games will award the kids of little characters to stick to the map – which they can take home.

At the end of tour each child will be provided with our original Herculaneum4Kids Activity-Book to continue the discovery of Herculaneum and the Roman World on their own.

The aim of the tour is to provide families or small groups with children with a chance to visit the highlights of the Archaeological area without the risk of getting tired or bored.

  • Private Guided Tour of the Excavations of Herculaneum;
  • Operator especially trained for this specific Family Programme;
  • Tour and Tools designed for kids aged 6 to 11 yrs;
  • Activity Book and Map to continue the Discovery of Herculaneum and the Roman World;
  • Lots of Fun!
Herculaneum for kids
Herculaneum for kids

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