Poison Naples – “The Power Of Poison” The Great International Exhibition For The First Time In Italy

Poison Naples - Snake 2

Poison Naples – “The Power Of Poison” The Great International Exhibition For The First Time In Italy

Poison Naples - Palazzo Fondi

For the first time in Italy in the heart of the city of Naples, the great international exhibit Poison Naples – The power of Poison dedicated to one of the most fascinating and feared topic in nature: the Poison! Extremely powerful and sometimes an incredible instrument for attack or self- defence, the poison can have different origins and shapes within the animal and plant kingdoms. Some species like the yellow scorpion of Palestine, the golden poisonous frog or even the ivy and the cashews have indeed developed an extraordinary range of chemical substances used both to survive or capture their preys.

The interactive path includes beautiful and very particular specimens of plants and animals, such as the Black Widow, the dreadful Violin Spider of Chile, the well-known golden-yellow Frog of the Chocó forest and the South American rose Migale.  Moreover, thanks to the assistance of a biologist, visitors will learn the mortal secrets of some of them such as the Gila Monster, a lizard that could reach up to 60 cm, native of Mexico and some areas of the United States or that of the Eyelash Viper, a viper with eyelashes from America Latina; and many other curiosities about the universe of poison.

Poison Naples - One of the rooms of the exhibition

Poison Naples is enriched with the reconstruction of historical events related to the use of venomous substances: from Socrates to the Emperors Claudius and Nero, from the intrigues of Cleopatra to the well-known Renaissance conspiracies of Lucrezia Borgia up to the most recent history with its international intrigues, the opposition of east-west blocs, espionage and political conspiracies,  this experience will give the chance to the public to travel through time and live again the greatest events of our past. Visitors will also have the opportunity to come into contact (without any risks) with some poisons to discover how men have learned with the passing of time to use venoms to make antidotes, vaccines and even important medicines.

Poison Naples - Snake

The exhibition, held in the multifunctional spaces of Palazzo Fondi, introduce to the public also scientific aspects of those substances commonly called poisons giving the chance to all visitors to discover one of the most formidable and fanciful secrets of nature. Plant and animal venom researches could soon help doctors deal with and cure rare diseases, health problems, chronic conditions ranging from generic pain to heart diseases.

Poison – The power of Poison is a unique experience for everyone. An exhibition with a strong educational content that is enriched with interactive tools that allow visitors to interact and put themselves directly to the test among amusement, fear, curiosity and wonder to finally understand how great and powerful nature can be.




March 14TH – July 1st 2018

Naples – FONDI PALACE (Via Medina 24)



Every day from 10:00 to 19:00 (the ticket office closes at 18:00).



Adults € 12.00

Discounts (students, over65, children 3-12) € 10.00

Groups € 8.00

All other info please visit the official website.


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