Capri travel Tips: how to optimize your visit of the Blue Island. Famed for its natural beauty since the 1960s when celebrities like Jacqueline Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor, and Sophia Loren put the island on the jet-set map, Capri is no longer so hidden. But with its wild steep cliffs rising majestically from an impossibly blue sea and its spectacular villas, it's easy to forgive Capri for being so famous and popular. The island is indeed a seductive combination of fairy-tale landscapes and fun, which over the centuries has conquered Roman emperors and Hollywood stars. With its whitewashed villas and small
The Charterhouse of St Martin (known as the Certosa di San Martino) perched high above the Vomero Hill overlooking the Bay of Naples, has been bearing witness to the long monastic and intricate history of the city.  A superb repository of Neapolitan ancient splendours, riches, intrigues and mysteries, this unique monument has been decorated, adorned and altered over the centuries by some of Italy’s finest talents before becoming one the largest monumental complex in Naples and one of the most successful examples of Italian artistry. But when the fascinating history of this one-of-a kind imposing Charterhouse started?  Let’s travel back
The Castel Nuovo (or Maschio Angioino) is one of the most famous and important symbols of the city of Naples. It majestic architecture, facing the deep blue Mediterranean Sea, has been part of the history of Naples over the last eight centuries, silently witnessing the constant succession of men who have made the history of the city great. But what’s the real history of Castle Nuovo? Let’s start from the beginning of the story… Named Castrum Novum (New Castle) to distinguish it from the other two royal residences of Naples (Castel dell’Ovo and Castel Capuano), this huge Neapolitan medieval fortress was
Gelato, the good quality one, knows no climate or season. Italians can consume gelato to cool off during summer time or they simply enjoy it for the pure pleasure of tasting an authentic delicacy! At any given time of the day, you’ll indeed find Italians sitting in the squares, walking in the streets, socializing with one another, and enjoying each other’s company over a cone or two. Cioccolato, pistacchio, stracciatella, nocciola, vaniglia…. you are spoilt for choice! But Gelato has also a social value. It has the power to create a sense of belonging and to brings people together. Even
Rome is definitely full to the brim with cultural sights, attractions, incredible exhibitions and unmissable events. You may feel overwhelmed and spend your whole time in the Eternal City dragging yourself between monuments and museums without the time to fully discover what this unique city has to offer. Time can indeed be a big issue when traveling, but sometimes you may drift into missing very interesting events while chasing more famous sights.  If you want to wander off the beaten path, if you are a true art lover or simply if you need to catch your breath during your winter
Naples is definitely an amazing city with over 2000 years of history and endless things to do and to visit.  It is often gritty and chaotic, with its bustling streets and open air markets but beautiful and authentic at the same time. A place of soul-stirring art-works and landscapes, fascinating buildings and unexpected, inimitable treasures. Everybody knows about the city aboveground with its castles, the museums and the sun-drenched streets, but the real essence of Naples, its heart, lies in the shadow. Naples underground is full of mysterious and gloomy labyrinths where history meets with legend, magic and spirituality. There
DISCOVER THE HISTORIC CITY CENTRE OF NAPLES - PART I Naples is definitely like no other city in Europe. You may love its gritty urban landscape and vow to return the moment you leave, or you will most probably hate it. Its untamed original spirit retains a selection of outstanding elements of the city glorious past and many of its amazing monuments may still be seen in their popular context. Naples is indeed an ancient and compelling city, whose richness requires from every tourist will to explore, time and above all some knowledge of the extraordinary Neapolitan history. So let’s

Naples Art Subway Stations   Naples is a city of a thousand faces.  Above ground, the hustle and bustle of its erratic and frenzied daily rhythm while below ground, an unexpected beautiful, comfortable and functional environment. The city underground system has been indeed converted into an eclectic contemporary art museum with the installations of some of the most famous artists inside the subway stations. The project has been supervised by Achille Bonito Oliva, a well-known art critic and curator: the “art subway” as Mr Bonito Oliva declared himself “wasn’t about decorating the architecture, it’s about enhancing the space with the

HIGHLIGHTS OF NAPLES FROM THE CRUISE TERMINAL – Part II Walking may be the best way to fully appreciate and experience some of the highlights of Naples. For those who want to explore a little deeper this shady and confusing city, here the Part II of the suggested itinerary “Highlights from the Cruise Terminal”: this will help you saving you time and energy while allowing you to discover some of the most spectacular places of Naples you may have missed on you own. Let’s get started!   Plebiscito Square Somewhere in between the bustling shopping street of Toledo and Trieste and Trento Square,  Piazza del Plebiscito

HIGHLIGHTS OF NAPLES FROM THE CRUISE TERMINAL – Part I Discover the secrets of Naples with its World-class monuments, some of the best food in Italy, a vibrant street life and a thriving contemporary art scene. Start your exploration of this amazing city from the Cruise Terminal as soon as you get off your ship and begin your journey to enjoy as much as possible of what the area has to offer in the time span you have available!   New Castle Your exploration of some of the highlights of Naples starts the minute you walk off your ship, with

Why off season can be the best time to visit Pompeii Most travel guides would suggest off season as the best time to visit Italy. Traveling from November to March can be definitely awesome and there is absolutely no need to wait until it’s warm again to travel over there. During high travel season Italy can be totally packed out with a stampede of tourists and sightseers almost everywhere with everybody cramming into the trains and converging on tourist destinations at the same time: the most famous attractions such as museums, archaeological sites, monuments, beaches and restaurants can be overrun with endless crowds and