New (Extra) Ordinary Exhibit in the Archaeological Park of Pompeii:  The Other Pompeii. Common lives in the shadow of Mt Vesuvius.  Available until 15 December 2024. A not-to-miss for both new and repeater travelers in the wonderful ancient Roman City buried by Mt Vesuvius 2000 years ago. 7 section with 300 items on display to follow the life-time of the ordinary ancient man and woman: from cradle to grave... Let's take a closer look together! Did you notice one always learns about the Pharaoh or Emperor or King's life? In other words, History with the Capital letter. If there is
A large exhibition in Rome dedicated to Raffaello Sanzio (Raphael) will be inaugurated on the 5th of March 2020 at the Scuderie del Quirinale for the worldwide celebrations of this unique talented artist: this large monographic event, the world's most comprehensive exhibition ever dedicated to the Renaissance genius simply titled “RAFFAELLO”, is the pinnacle of world celebrations for the 500th anniversary of the death of the "Prince of the arts". Realized by the Scuderie del Quirinale, the exhibition, which finds inspiration particularly in Raffaello's fundamental Roman period that consecrated him as an artist of unparalleled and legendary grandeur, will include
After entering for the first time the top ten of the most visited Italian museums of 2019, the Mann - National Archaeological Museum of Naples has been preparing for an extraordinary dive into the past. From today 31st January, and until May 31st, this majestic building will be hosting a highly faithful reproduction of the Lascaux Caves in a unique exhibit called "Lascaux 3.0". Thanks to this incredible event, for the first time in Italy visitors will finally have the privilege to admire and lose themselves in the famous cave complex of south-western France. But why are the Lascaux Caves
For those on a diet, you know, the Christmas season is the worst of all: dinners, lunches, happy hours, work parties…it is truly impossible not to fall off the wagon!!! The good food is indeed at the centre of this period of the year: not only gifts, lights, and decorations, but also traditional recipes, pastries, and cakes typical of each region. Our desserts, in particular, are delicious, tasty, assorted, numerous and irresistible.  And from North to South it is possible to taste any kind of dessert, from flavoured biscuits to cakes filled with creams or fruit! But how to cope
Each year during the Christmas holidays, the city of Salerno organizes its unique “Luci d’Artista” event, a spectacular open-air exhibition of lights, colours, flowers, snow and stars installed in the parks, the streets, the squares of the city to create a unique magical atmosphere that attract thousands of visitors from all over the country! This year's general theme is floral arrangements: a real forest of lights works, sea waves, tropical flowers, constellations, planets, jugglers, flying bears, light sculptures, reindeer, huge trees full of bright branches, lemons of the famous ceramics of Vietri and Chandeliers of the King all together to
Rome is in turmoil because on Saturday 7th December it’s the Maritozzo Day! Now in its third edition, the event organized by Tavole Romane returns to celebrate the popular Roman dessert, from the classic cream-filled version to more adventurous creations. This unique pastry symbol of the Eternal City loved all over Central Italy and beyond, will be available for tastings in numerous pastry shops, bakeries, pizzerias in the capital and beyond! But let's take a step back… What is a “maritozzo” and where does its strange name come from? The origin of the Roman Maritozzo dates back to the dawn
Events, Lights & Traditional Markets Christmas is undoubtedly a charming moment of the year all over the world but in Florence is pure magic: lights shimmering like stardust along the narrow cobblestone alleys, pine trees and street decorations shining around every corner and unique artisanal nativity scenes to surround you with the perfect traditional Christmas spirit! Let's see in detail what the wonderful city of Florence has organized this Christmas to amaze its citizens and the many tourists that crowd its streets every year even during the Christmas Holidays! THE FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS The popular local F-Light Festival returns from
World Press Photo Exhibition has finally arrived in Naples for its 2019 edition! The location of this important photojournalistic event will be the impressive lobby of the MANN - Archaeological Museum of Naples: the choice is not at all accidental, but reflects the desire of the museum’s director Paolo Giulierini to underline the subtle bond that unites the uniqueness of the art of the past with the contemporary sensibility of the present. As stated by the Director of the Museum himself "the great world photojournalism, the courageous witness of freedom of expression even in the most difficult contexts is compared
Are you tired of visiting museums, historical buildings, and archaeological areas? Are you looking for something different while in town? Are you an art lover? There is a magic place in Naples, a museum famous for housing some of the most interesting events and exhibitions about contemporary art, music, photography, installations, performances, and paintings. This unique place is called PAN (Palace of the Arts of Naples) and it is located off the beaten path in the wonderful Via dei Mille, in the lovely District of Chiaja. On the 25th September has been inaugurated at the Pan a brand new exhibition
Naples can surely be defined as one of the most intriguing cities in the world. Over the centuries the fusion between the sphere of the sacred and the profane has led indeed to the stratification and consolidation of ancient religious and magical beliefs that still continue today. The history of San Gennaro (Saint Januarius), the patron saint of the city, is undoubtedly the first of these ancient local beliefs. He was bishop of Benevento and a martyr of the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Churches during the Roman Empire. Despite the lack of official documents and accounts, it
Who has never dreamed to go racing in the street at night like James Dean or Marlon Brando? Well, if you are such a dreamer you really should not miss a unique event that is going to take place near Venice. The title itself is something: Roll ‘n Flat Beach Race, the famous rally of American vintage cars and motorcycles that takes place every year in Caorle (Venice). This year edition, set on the 6th and 7th September, will be not only a meeting of fans and aficionados but also a seaside hot rod race with more than a hundred
The very last day of August and the beginning of September are truly a special occasion for the cities of Amalfi and Atrani, two of the most beautiful locations that the Campania region holds in its coasts. Have you ever heard of the famous Capodanno Bizantino (Byzantine New Year)? It is a grand revival of the ancient splendour of the Maritime Republics era, when the cities of Venice, Pisa, Genova and Amalfi itself ruled the entire Mediterranean. The leading theme of this edition will be the landscape of Amalfi Coast that has been appointed a World Heritage Site by the
Pompeii continues to unveil its secrets or, better to say this time, its treasures. In these days, the news of a mysterious new finding is going all around the world indeed, since it casts a light on how the inhabitants of Pompeii were dealing with magic, omens, and superstition. The archaeologists who found this unique treasure named it the “Sorcerer’s treasure trove”: a trunk containing a stash of ancient amulets along with a vast variety of fascinating yet mysterious objects such as buttons made of bones, beetles from the Orient, dolls, miniature penis, and a tiny skull. The amulets, in
They say if you get bitten by a tarantula on a summer night then you will start to dance like a crazy, your feet will burn to the ground and yet you will not stop until you…die. Well, this is not a screenplay of a new horror movie, but a folkloristic tale about the birth of one of the most famous popular dances from South Italy, the tarantella. The term tarantella indicates a very ancient style of dancing and gathers a series of traditional dances belonging to the different regions of South Italy, such as Puglia, Campania, Calabria, and Sicily.

The eternal city, a place where you can walk among the ancient remains of one of the greatest empires that humankind has ever known, a city where you can breathe, touch and experience the essence itself of the Italian way and lifestyle. Rome with all its endless treasures ready to be discovered. But, exploring this charming city on a summer hot day can be quite a challenge for the great distances to cover and the precious little shade: for this reason several enchanting monuments and archaeological areas offer to visitors the chance to explore Rome by night: imagine yourself walking

Imagine losing yourself among the heroes made famous by Homer in his Iliad, looking at Achilles running towards the great walls of Troy or Ulysses and Diomedes playing chess, while Hector watches over his wife and child. Do you prefer maybe a more “mystical” experience? What about taking a walk with Dionysus inside the sacred forests swarming with satyrs and nymphs? Well, there is only one place where you can take such a unique chance: the MANN (Archaeological Museum of Naples), right in the heart of Naples, the city whose bones lie on one of the first Greek colonies in
Have you ever wondered how would it feel to be part of Leonardo Da Vinci’s world, losing yourselves in his creations?  Well, it is possible if you are ready to enter the doors of the Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Florence, a place of unique wonder! Located in a welcoming and appealing historical building in Via de Servi 66 (100 meters from the Accademia Gallery) right in the heart of places most visited by Leonardo da Vinci and other key Renaissance figures, the museum is suitable for an adult audience, young adults and families willing to discover a past of
A new "illustrious guest" will finally arrive in Naples at Palazzo Zevallos for a prestigious temporary exhibit: Sandro Botticelli, one of the most representative artists belonging to the so-called Florentine School who flourished under the patronage of Lorenzo de’ Medici during Golden Age of Italian Early Renaissance, will be on display in the bustling city of the South of Italy with a unique yet  controversial masterpiece. Why is the painting considered controversial? In some point of his life, Botticelli was deeply influenced by the spiritual preaching of Girolamo Savonarola in Florence, an influence that affected him to the point of
Want to experience Rome from a different point of view and keep you kids engaged? Are you ready to relive the ancient splendours of the Circus Maximus in Rome during the Imperial Age through a stunning virtual experience? A place of entertainment and an incomparable landmark, the Circus Maximus comes back to life thanks to an innovative project based on augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) that will grant visitors to see the building in its maximum magnificence. The Circo Massimo Experience will finally enable visitors to see life as it was in those days with all the people strolling
The Uffizi Gallery is not only the most famous museum in Florence but also one the most important museums in the world. The building dates back to 1560, it was built by Giorgio Vasari for Cosimo I de’ Medici to house the administrative and legal offices, uffizi in ancient Italian, of Florence. Giorgio Vasari completed it a few years later with the addition of a corridor, the Corridoio Vasariano, connecting the Gallery with the Pitti Palace, the new residence of the Medici family. In 1574 the works were entrusted by Francesco I de’ Medici, son of Cosimo I, to the architect Bernardo Buontalenti. Once the works were finished in 1581, Francesco I decided
Pompeii and the lives of its inhabitants have always been at the core of many a debate, waving from truth to fantasy, reality to legends. A way to pierce the mysterious veil of time that covers this immortal city could be now possible thanks to the brand new exhibition running from May to 5th August 2019, called “Vanity: Stories of Jewel from Cyclades to Pompeii”. Vanity as an ephemeral pleasure always displayed through immense wealth, even in the Greek and Roman world, is indeed the theme of this unique refined even whose aim is to cast a light on the

When asked to describe his paintings, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio used to say: “I borrow bodies and objects. I paint them to remind myself of the magic of the balance that governs the entire universe.” Magic itself is the right word to express the profound bond that tied such an inimitable artist with the city of Naples, whose unique and mysterious charm deeply inspired Caravaggio. This incredible rebel artist spent about 18 months in Naples between 1606 and 1609 until his death in Porto Ercole on the journey back to Rome: a blissful encounter with the Neapolitan lively local art

Hugo Pratt’s Famous Sailor Lands In Naples Sailing the sea, under the gentle cloak of thousands and thousands stars, looking for a new adventure beyond the horizon. This is indeed the spirit of Corto Maltese, the famous sea captain created by the genius of Hugo Pratt in 1967, whose ship is now landing to Naples to enter the halls of the MANN - Archaeological Museum of Naples - from 25th April to 9th September 2019. Born on the island of Malta in 1887, son of a sailor from Cornwall and a gypsy woman from Seville, Corto Maltese is the main
David Bowie the singer, the poet, the performer, the icon. The Thin White Duke has been undoubtedly one of the most representative artists of the XX century and after, since his music and songs have influenced many a generation. To quote one of his most famous lines he is truly a hero. This very word is the name of the brand new exhibition, Heroes, that the Japanese master of photography, Masayoshi Sukita, has dedicated to his long gone friend David Bowie. A collection of more than 60 pictures that will be displayed in the fabulous setting of Palazzo Medici Riccardi,
Antonio Canova is without any doubt the most refined embodiment of Neo-classic sculpture who has been hailed as “the last of the ancients and the first of the moderns” by generations of critics for his talent in melting together ancient and modern arts. He was an unparalleled genius able to transform marble into living flesh, shaping absolute masterpieces such as Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss, The Three Graces, Pauline Bonaparte as Venus Victrix to name some. For the first time his refined works will be on display at the MANN of Naples for the stunning exhibition “Canova e l’antico” (Canova
They say that Marc Chagall’s art is like the sun reflecting its light through the windows of a church resulting is a carnival of colours. Looking at his beautiful paintings there could not be a more appropriate definition. Chagall a Russian naturalized French painter of Jewish origin, whose real name was Moishe Segal, has been undoubtedly one of the most representatives artists in the contemporary art. His paintings, inspired by the Russian fairy tales and the Holy Bible, were a stunning expression of how colours can overcome the outlines and expand to the infinite as it happens only in dreams.
Everybody knows Leonardo da Vinci, the genius, the talent, the innovator, the spirit of Italian Renaissance. But what about his mentor? Yes, Leonardo also had a master who was able to inspire in him the will to dare and go beyond the limits of human fantasy. His name was Andrea del Verrocchio, an emblematic artist of the Florentine Renaissance, whose major artworks will be on display at Palazzo Strozzi from 9th March to 14th July 2019. The exhibition will be undoubtedly a stunning and refined showcase with over 120 artworks including paintings, sculptures and drawings coming from the world’s leading

Free Entry To Italy’s Most Famous Attractions In March Would you like visiting the Uffizi Gallery, the Archaeological Site of Pompeii, the Royal Palace of Naples and the Colosseum for free? Next week you can! From the 5th to the 10th March 2019 will be inaugurated the Museum Week, a special event organized by the Minister of Cultural Heritage Alberto Bonisoli together with the MiBAC: locals and tourists from all over the world can finally visit some of Italy’s most famous attractions without paying a cent!   This first edition of Museum Week will include six days in a row

Are you ready to experience the best Carnival you have ever had? If your answer is affirmative then you really should not miss the Great Carnival in Maiori, one of the most awaited events on the Amalfi Coast since the Seventies. Thousands of masks, floats, dancing groups and a rain of confetti are going to fill the streets of the small village along with live music, traditional games and various entertainment. The first edition dates back to 1971 when the parade was called Gran Carnevale Maiorese and focused on life in the ancient Roman Empire: a huge banquet was set
Vincent Van Gogh is undoubtedly of the most controversial and genial artists the world has ever known. A man whose art has deeply influenced the twentieth century and not only. In the arc of a decade, he created about 2100 artworks, above all paintings, mostly characterized by a deep and dramatic representation of reality, whose ultimate yet elusive meaning, has profoundly inspired modern art. This very meaning is now living in Florence among the walls of the deconsecrated church of Santo Stefano al Ponte, a short walk from the Ponte Vecchio, thanks to the multimedia exhibition Van Gogh Alive –