A large exhibition in Rome dedicated to Raffaello Sanzio (Raphael) will be inaugurated on the 5th of March 2020 at the Scuderie del Quirinale for the worldwide celebrations of this unique talented artist: this large monographic event, the world's most comprehensive exhibition ever dedicated to the Renaissance genius simply titled “RAFFAELLO”, is the pinnacle of world celebrations for the 500th anniversary of the death of the "Prince of the arts". Realized by the Scuderie del Quirinale, the exhibition, which finds inspiration particularly in Raffaello's fundamental Roman period that consecrated him as an artist of unparalleled and legendary grandeur, will include
Rome is in turmoil because on Saturday 7th December it’s the Maritozzo Day! Now in its third edition, the event organized by Tavole Romane returns to celebrate the popular Roman dessert, from the classic cream-filled version to more adventurous creations. This unique pastry symbol of the Eternal City loved all over Central Italy and beyond, will be available for tastings in numerous pastry shops, bakeries, pizzerias in the capital and beyond! But let's take a step back… What is a “maritozzo” and where does its strange name come from? The origin of the Roman Maritozzo dates back to the dawn

The eternal city, a place where you can walk among the ancient remains of one of the greatest empires that humankind has ever known, a city where you can breathe, touch and experience the essence itself of the Italian way and lifestyle. Rome with all its endless treasures ready to be discovered. But, exploring this charming city on a summer hot day can be quite a challenge for the great distances to cover and the precious little shade: for this reason several enchanting monuments and archaeological areas offer to visitors the chance to explore Rome by night: imagine yourself walking

Want to experience Rome from a different point of view and keep you kids engaged? Are you ready to relive the ancient splendours of the Circus Maximus in Rome during the Imperial Age through a stunning virtual experience? A place of entertainment and an incomparable landmark, the Circus Maximus comes back to life thanks to an innovative project based on augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) that will grant visitors to see the building in its maximum magnificence. The Circo Massimo Experience will finally enable visitors to see life as it was in those days with all the people strolling
Rome 2018 Aperol Spritz Festival: A Unique Event To Taste The Famous Italian Cocktail Have you ever heard about Spritz? Would you like to taste this amazing Italian long drink? Well, if the answer is “yes” you cannot miss the event Rome 2018 Aperol Spritz Festival hosted by Roma.Eat, that will take place in the Italian city on Sunday 23 September 2018 at Palazzo Brancaccio. For one day the halls of this marvellous historical palace will be transformed in Aperol Spritz bars opened from 6pm to 2am: 5 stands in total, where famous Italian bartenders will prepare their best cocktails for a
The Rome Of Kings: A Journey In The Ancient Rome How was life in the Rome of kings, when neither the Senate nor the Empire existed? The answer may lie in the new exhibition that is taking place in Rome at the Capitoline Museums within the rooms of Palazzo Cafarelli and in the area of the Temple of Jupiter until the 27th of January 2019. “The Rome of the kings. The story of Archaeology” it will be indeed the first of a series of temporary exhibits whose aim is to allow visitors to learn about the most ancient phase in
FERRAGOSTO IN ITALY: regular openings for museums and archaeological sites   Ferragosto is a special day for Italian people, celebrated every year from North to South on the 15th of August. Nowadays it is a catholic feast day in honour of the Virgin Mary, but its roots date back to the Roman Empire. The name Ferragosto comes from the Latin “Feriae Augusti”, which means “August’s rest”, and indicated the days set to celebrate the emperor Octavian Augustus, the first Roman emperor, from which the month of August takes its name. In ancient times, as a pagan feast, it was celebrated
Vinòforum wine festival in Rome Excellent food and wine go on stage at Vinòforum - The Space of Taste, the kermesse dedicated to wine and quality food that will animate Rome with tastings, exclusive dinners, cooking shows, workshops, didactic lessons from 15th to 24th June. The festival will be hosted at Lungotevere Maresciallo Diaz (Farnesina) in Rome and this year, to celebrate its 15th year anniversary, it will inaugurate four brand new areas: the Wine & Gourmet Arena, the Alchemiq Bar, an Oil Shop and an amazing Lounge Bar Distillery. Vinòforum will include hundreds of wineries - some of the best on

THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY MUSEUM IN ROME The educational entertainment freely inspired by the world of chocolate, finally arrives in Italy. Between 18th November 2017 and 18th February 2018, Fiera Roma has opened a CHOCOLATE FACTORY-MUSEUM, an amazing theme park specifically designed to entertain and educate and finally reveal all the secrets of chocolate. Thanks to a partnership with Helexpo, a trade fair organizer that has already held this incredible event in Greece, visitors have been able to learn all the tricks about chocolate, its processing techniques, tasting and preparation courses. The Chocolate Factory Museum is a family-friendly unique theme event that offers an

Five unique exhibitions at Guido Reni District in Rome From September 30th 2017 five unique exhibitions have been opened to the public within Guido Reni District in Rome. The aim of the ambitious project, designed by Ninetynine Agency, has been to renovate the former barracks of Guido Reni and convert the space of 52,000 square meters into a suitable location for major events, temporary exhibitions, conventions, festivals, presentations, shows and performances. Here the series of events hosted in Rome for the next months, some of which are in absolute preview in Italy after the great success in several European capitals:

The Chiostro del Bramante in Rome presents the exhibition “ENJOY: Art meets Amusement” After last year great success of Love. Art meets Love, the Chiostro del Bramante in Rome, proposes again a noteworthy exhibit of unique contemporary artworks. From the 23rd of September 2017 to the 25th of the February 2018 the art exhibition Enjoy: Art meets Amusement will present inedited art works of some of the most important and provocative contemporary artists. The Chiostro del Bramante keeps following its task by proposing “out of the box” exhibitions, in which the basic idea of all projects is always “originality” in order to expand rules boundaries and offer

From March 8th until January 2018, within the ambulacrum of the second order, all visitors to the Colosseum  will be able to discover the hidden history of the Flavian Amphitheatre with the exhibit “The Colosseum. An Icon”. A great event that reveals to the public the monument long and intense life over the centuries after the fall of Rome. The Colosseum is mostly associated with the bloody gladiators and wild beasts’ fights during the Roman era, but most of the people ignore it continued to be inhabited long after the collapse of the Empire. As Riccardo Santangeli Valenzani, one of the curators of

Botero in Rome: grotesque human figures from old masters to the circus The Complesso del Vittoriano in Rome, is housing until the 27th August 2017 an exhibit dedicated to Fernando Botero, the 85-year-old Colombian artist famous all over the world for his paintings of corpulent and grotesque human figures. His style based on the use of so-called dilation of forms that gives the figures an unreal, abstract and comical dimension, embodies the whimsical tragedy of life with its sensuality, beauty, terror, pain and sorrow. This stylistic representation of figures as large and exaggerated in volume, has become the quintessence of  his

After the extraordinary success of the Colosseum openings at nights, every tourist can finally experience the Roman Forum and Rome under the moonlight! Every Friday and Saturday from the 5th of May until the end of October it is possible to explore with a night walking tour both the Roman Capitol and the Imperial Forum. Thanks to a new lighting installation developed by the Acea Group in accordance with the surrounding monuments, will be possible to discover these amazing ruins and the centre of the Ancient Rome under the moonlight in a magical atmosphere. The itinerary follows the “Via Sacra”, the

The exhibit “From Caravaggio to Bernini” has been recently inaugurated at the Scuderie del Quirinale in Rome and will be open to the public until July 30th 2017.  This remarkable selection of paintings and sculptures of Italian masterpieces from the Spanish Royal Collection have been selected on the basis of their outstanding artistic and historical value and reveals the history of political and cultural relationships between the Spanish Court and the Italian States during the 17th century. From the mid-16th century onwards the art collection of the Spanish Hapsburgs was indeed enriched with several remarkable diplomatic gifts kindly offered by