Christmas Lights In Salerno

One of the installations of Salerno Christmas Lights

Each year during the Christmas holidays, the city of Salerno organizes its unique Luci d’Artista event, a spectacular open-air exhibition of lights, colours, flowers, snow and stars installed in the parks, the streets, the squares of the city to create a unique magical atmosphere that attract thousands of visitors from all over the country!

This year’s general theme is floral arrangements: a real forest of lights works, sea waves, tropical flowers, constellations, planets, jugglers, flying bears, light sculptures, reindeer, huge trees full of bright branches, lemons of the famous ceramics of Vietri and Chandeliers of the King all together to create an amazing dreamlike atmosphere.

The Villa Comunale (city public gardens) will be instead inspired by the Zoo: luminous animals of all kinds that seem to be able to come to life at any moment. It’s the realm of children and childhood memories! A modern ark of Noah for a very important message: the future of the world passes through a serene coexistence between man and every living creature, including a giant luminous elephant 8 meters high!

The exhibition will be enriched by a huge Panoramic Wheel (55 meters high and equipped with 36 cabins suitable for wheelchair users too) that will offer the chance to enjoy the city unique landscape from above together with the sandy nativity scene created by 4 different international artists.

One of the installations of Salerno Christmas Lights

Where are the light installations located?

You can easily find the installations throughout the whole town. Our suggestions is to walk along Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the main shopping street, to Piazza Portanova, where you can find the large illuminated Christmas tree. From there, keep exploring the Medieval centre of the town along the historic Via dei Mercanti (do not miss the Cathedral of Salerno and the Temple of Pomona) to Piazza Largo Campo, the heart of the city’s nightlife. Once you leave the historic centre of Salerno, you will find yourself at the Villa Comunale public gardens, where a magical “enchanted garden” is waiting for you! Last but not least take a stroll along the waterfront, stopping at the small shops of the Christmas market before ending your visit in Piazza Flavio Gioia.

One of the installations of Salerno Christmas Lights

How to get to Salerno?

The easiest way to reach Salerno is by regional train (if coming from Naples) or high-speed train (if coming from Rome). The Salerno train station is right in the centre of the town and all the light installations are within walking distance from the Railway station. If you will be arriving by car from Sorrento or the Amalfi Coast, the best option to avoid traffic is to park at the Stadio Arechi (the stadium located at the highway exit) and take city shuttle bus to the centre. The subway and shuttle buses run until late into the night.

Want to enjoy a virtual tour of the Christmas Lights in Salerno?

Just watch the official video of this unique Christmas event!

The Luci d’Artista event will bring you into an enchanted World, visiting one of the most beautiful cities of the South Italy with a very particular charm during the Christmas time! The light installations are available every day from 5.00 pm until 02.00 am until January 19th and the visit is completely free.


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