The Unique Capodanno Bizantino Of The Amalfi Coast

Two participants of the Capodanno Bizantino

The very last day of August and the beginning of September are truly a special occasion for the cities of Amalfi and Atrani, two of the most beautiful locations that the Campania region holds in its coasts.

Have you ever heard of the famous Capodanno Bizantino (Byzantine New Year)? It is a grand revival of the ancient splendour of the Maritime Republics era, when the cities of Venice, Pisa, Genova and Amalfi itself ruled the entire Mediterranean.

The leading theme of this edition will be the landscape of Amalfi Coast that has been appointed a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO for “its beautiful melting of nature and mankind”. A unique landscape indeed.

The Capodanno Bizantino will start on the 31st of August, a date corresponding to the beginning of the financial and juridical year under the rule of the Byzantine Empire. A series of stunning celebrations and historical revivals will amuse not only the inhabitants of Amalfi Coast but also all the tourists that are coming to see such a unique location.

One of the most fine and refined events is undoubtedly the Corteo Storico Rievocativo: more than a hundred actors dressed according to the fashion of the times will march through the cities to celebrate the investiture of the new Magister di Civiltà Amalfitana. This will be such a special occasion to admire the charming ancient ritual of the Dukes’ of Amalfi coronation.

The title of Magister is a very important and high office, granted each year to a man or a woman born and raised in Amalfi whose personality and merits have revealed in politics, science, religion or human arts.

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