Roll ‘N Flat Beach Race, The International Fair Of Vintage Cars And Motorcycles – Venice

Roll ‘N Flat Beach Race

Who has never dreamed to go racing in the street at night like James Dean or Marlon Brando? Well, if you are such a dreamer you really should not miss a unique event that is going to take place near Venice. The title itself is something: Roll ‘n Flat Beach Race, the famous rally of American vintage cars and motorcycles that takes place every year in Caorle (Venice).

This year edition, set on the 6th and 7th September, will be not only a meeting of fans and aficionados but also a seaside hot rod race with more than a hundred cars from all over the world that surely will thrill the wonderful beach of Levante di Caorle.

This evocative race is at its seventh edition and is going to be unforgettable as remarked by Luca De Franceschi, the president of Italian Hot Rodders, the association that has organized the race: “This is quite an event since you will have the chance to admire some of the most refined examples of original American vintage cars and motorcycles”. The code word is “vintage” indeed, since all the vehicles must belong to the ‘50s era to enrol and join the mega race: Ford, Chevrolets, Cadillac, Dodge, Mercury, to name some.

More than a race, the Roll ‘n Flat Beach Race will count also an exhibition of vintage vehicles, The Beach Parking, a massive display of cars and bikes that visitors will have the chance to admire. Food, drinks and hospitality will complete this wonderful event thanks to the Roll ‘n Flat Beach Camp: traditional Italian food, international street food and a fine selection of wines and beers will amuse the participants.

So, it is time to get on board!

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6TH/7th September

Levante di Caorle (Venice)

Roll ‘N Flat Beach Race


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