Da Vinci Experience – Unique multimedia exhibit in the heart of Florence

Da Vinci Experience

From May 13th to October 8th 2017 the deconsecrated church of Santo Stefano al Ponte in Florence, hosts the unique multimedia exhibit “Da Vinci Experience” dedicated to the genius of Leonardo da Vinci, his science and his eclectic life.

The exhibition project, based on the concept of edutainment (or rather educational entertainment),  provides the visitor with a unique and unforgettable experience, through huge screens and hundreds of scanned images in high-definition, full HD video, sound effects and Dolby surround soundtracks. The exhibition is a multimedia journey, a vibrant symphony of light, colour and sound to the discovery of the Italian genius of the Renaissance and his famous codes and drawings that leads the visitor to immerse in the amazing universe of Leonardo in a very unusual way. The 3D virtual reality experience with the Oculus, specially designed for the exhibit by Orwell,  allows the visitor to venture into Da Vinci world by sailing with the boat on pallets to admire the flight over the Florentine landscape of the aerial screw and ornithopter.

The exhibit path has been enriched with several models of Leonardo Da Vinci machines – in size and scale – reproduced meticulously on original designs by the Florentine artisan Martelli (among them the nine-meter wing for human flight) and the anastatic reproductions of Leonardo’s codes and drawings. Moreover photographs and video are displayed together with Leonardo Da Vinci’s artworks to demonstrate his sources of inspiration.

At the entrance of the exhibition area visitor can experience a 6-seat magic box and its fantastic, multi-dimensional world made by special effects of lights, sounds, wind, soap bubbles, movements and water. Da Vinci Experience is indeed a unique and challenging project to create a dynamic, informative and visually spectacular experience.

Do not miss this enchanting, entertaining and educational exhibit for the whole family. Buy tickets online on the official website of the event or have a look at the Video Trailer of the exhibition.

The visit of the exhibition can be included in one of our tours of Florence.


Piazza di Santo Stefano, n.5
Florence (50 meters from Ponte Vecchio)
May 13 – October 8 2017
Every day from 10 am to 7.30 pm


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