The Museum Week

Museum Week

Free Entry To Italy’s Most Famous Attractions In March

Would you like visiting the Uffizi Gallery, the Archaeological Site of Pompeii, the Royal Palace of Naples and the Colosseum for free? Next week you can!

From the 5th to the 10th March 2019 will be inaugurated the Museum Week, a special event organized by the Minister of Cultural Heritage Alberto Bonisoli together with the MiBAC: locals and tourists from all over the world can finally visit some of Italy’s most famous attractions without paying a cent!  

This first edition of Museum Week will include six days in a row of free admission to monuments, museums, galleries, archaeological excavations, parks and monumental gardens. The initiative is called #IoVadoAlMuseo (#IGoToTheMuseum) and represents an extension of the “free museums on Sundays” venture that saw museums open for free every first Sunday of the month.

According to the new disposal archaeological sites and state museums will be open for free every first Sunday of the month from October to March; in the months from January to March, every year will be introduced the #SettimanadeiMusei, six days of free openings, from Tuesday to Sunday, in all the state museums. For 2019 it will be indeed the week from 5 to 10 March.  And as if that wasn’t enough additional eight days of free entry will be granted to the managers of museums to be used at their own discretion every year. Such a desire to redesign the days of free access to museums is an incentive to move the gratuities from the high season months to concentrate them in those of lesser turnout such as the first week of March as said by Alberto Bonsoli.

Last but not least all state museums and the most famous attractions will remain free for those under 18 years old while young people aged between 18 and 25 will pay the new reduced entrance fee of €2 to enter museums and archaeological sites. The aim is to encourage hunger for culture among young people as remarked by Mr Bonsoli

The list of the best-known attractions that tourist can visit during the Museum Week is endless and it includes the Boboli Gardens and Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence, the archaeological sites of and Herculaneum & Pompeii, the MANN Archaeological Museum of  Naples, the Galleria Borghese in Rome and all the various branches of the National Roman Museum spread across the capital.

All you have to do now is pack your bags and head to Italy!




To know the list of open museums, as well as the initiatives that museums will program for the free week, just go to the official website (Italian only) of the event.


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