Why off season can be the best time to visit Pompeii

Off season Pompeii

Why off season can be the best time to visit Pompeii

Most travel guides would suggest off season as the best time to visit Italy. Traveling from November to March can be definitely awesome and there is absolutely no need to wait until it’s warm again to travel over there.

During high travel season Italy can be totally packed out with a stampede of tourists and sightseers almost everywhere with everybody cramming into the trains and converging on tourist destinations at the same time: the most famous attractions such as museums, archaeological sites, monuments, beaches and restaurants can be overrun with endless crowds and try to enjoy your holiday could turn into a never-ending nightmare. Moreover during summer break most people are put to the test by very high temperature and the searing heat.  Off season travel season can actually be more satisfying than the peak one. This is a great time for visiting some of the more famous tourist attractions as the crowds have mostly disappeared. You could be able to enjoy the beautiful views with minimal people without being forced to push your way through the crowds queuing in temperatures that are regularly in the 30s. Many of the southern parts of Italy still have warm weather, and it’s definitely better than the North of Europe or some areas of the United States.

But what about the Archaeological Site of Pompeii?

From November to March you could really spend days wandering around Pompeii, Herculaneum and the Vesuvius villas, almost undisturbed. Enjoy having Pompeii for yourself. Just forget the thousands of visitors per day, queuing for everything in very high temperatures. Off season will allow you to fully enjoy the ruins without becoming exasperated by the heat and crowds. On your own or together with a professional guide, you will be exploring the site at your own pace: this time of the year will give the perfect opportunity to discover what Pompeii has to offer and to fully experience the ancient Roman town life.

During off season the crowds can be less, even on public transports, and the weather can still be pretty warm but it can also be unsettled. One day it’s a sunny and the next one it’s raining. Dress warmly. Cold weather is colder when you’re outdoors trying to enjoy yourself all day long within the archaeological site. But beware of shorter hours. Make the most out of your limited daylight hours. Pompeii Site operates on shorter hours, with darkness determining the closing time.

Going to Pompeii at any time can certain be an amazing experience. But, the truly best time to visit the archaeological site is when there is an ideal combination of crowd-free site, moderate (even not always ideal) weather and almost empty public transports.

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