“The Terracotta Army and the First Emperor of China” for the first time in Italy

Terracotta Army

“The Terracotta Army and the First Emperor of China” for the first time in Italy

The exhibition  “The Terracotta Army and the First Emperor of China” has been  inaugurated for the first time in Italy on October 24th 2017 and will be open to the public until January 28th 2018.  The exhibit features an extraordinary amount of objects related  to China’s First Emperor Qin Shihuangdi and his astounding terracotta army and is housed within the 16th century Basilica dello Spirito Santo (Basilica of the Holy Spirit) in Naples which has been temporarily adapted for this purpose to fully capture the power and drama of the artefacts on display.

The exhibition provides an insights into the historical and archaeological context of these extraordinary  objects, Qin history and the creation of a unified China, the First Emperor’s arise to power and his quest for immortality. The terracotta army, as it is known, is indeed part of a majestic mausoleum created to accompany the Emperor Qin Shihuangdi into afterlife, guard him and oversee military matters. First discovered in 1974 by some farmers in China,  this underground army of nearly 8,000 life-size terracotta statues, each one with an individual personality and appearance, is known as one of the greatest and most important archaeological finding of the 20th century. A tomb complex which is unparalleled in the world in terms of extension and magnificence that casts a light on the complex history, myths, and burial customs of ancient China and the crucial figure of the First Emperor and his deep influence on Chinese ancient history.

The 300 objects on display include warriors, arms and armours, horses and chariot fittings, ritual bronze vessels and other precious objects and have been specifically created for the exhibit by Chinese craftsmen from the Shaanxi Province by using moulds realized directly from the original pieces of the terracotta army. A one of a kind process to reproduce these clay soldiers, their unique aspect and armours, horse-drawn chariots and weapons that represent indeed Qin Shihuangdi ‘s legacy, a tangible evidence of the  his  existence, his great achievements and his great vision.

The exhibition has been designed by Mario Iacampo and Peter Tabernal, in cooperation with the communication agency  LiveTree: the path is divided into different sections and has been enriched with videos, audio-visual materials, wall panels and labels with very clear explanations about Qin Shihuandi figure and his arise to power, the project  of his monumental mausoleum and the construction process of the extraordinary  terracotta army symbolically guarding his tomb and Emperor himself in the afterlife.

An amazing exhibit in the heart of the city of Naples within one of its most beautiful churches, a one of a kind experience for the whole family that should not be missed.

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The Terracotta Army and the First Emperor of China”

24th October 2017 to 28th January 2018

Basilica dello Spirito Santo, via Toledo 402 Naples


Opening Hours

From 10:00 until 19:00 every day




Adults: 12 €

Reduced price ticket:

Students (14-26 years old), over 65, disabled persons: 10 €

Under 13years old: 8 €

Under 3 years old: free entrance


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