A Historic Train Ride to discover Pietrarsa Railway Museum

Inside the Pietrarsa Railway Museum

Pietrarsa Railway Museum is now connected to Naples Piazza Garibaldi Tube Station and to Naples Central Station! Tourist and visitors can comfortably reach the Museum with the Pietrarsa Express, an historic train ride, and learn all about 170 years of Italian railway history! Pietrarsa is indeed one of the most important train museum in Europe and it has been recently involved in important restoration works to renovate the ancient structures and locomotives and improve its accessibility to the public.

Pietrarsa Railway Museum, divided into pavilions, hosts the largest exhibit of historical trains in Italy with more than 50 historic railroad cars and other rolling stocks. It includes several steam locomotives, wagons motor cars, huge machinery and tools, plastic models and railway objects. On display the Royal Train built by Fiat in 1929 for the wedding between King Umberto II of Savoy with Maria Josè of Belgium and the replica (made in 1939 for the 100 years anniversary of National Railways) of the Vesuvius locomotive that in 1839 inaugurated the first Italian railway line between Naples and Portici.

Built between the Mediterranean Sea and Mt Vesuvius, with a breath-taking view of the Bay of Naples, the Museum was established in 1989 within the historical buildings of the “Royal Mechanical Factory”, founded by King Ferdinand II of Bourbon in 1840.  A huge iron statue of the King is placed in the front yard of the complex as to point at the site where the original factory was built.

The Pietrarsa Express connects Naples Train Station to the small railway station at the Museum entrance. The historic ride on board of two vintage locomotives “Centoporte” and “Corbellini” built between 1927 and 1939 represents a bridge between the past and present, a fascinating journey through time on board of the same trains that have connected Italy since 1839! An experience for all ages, a chance to discover one of the most beautiful historical treasure of Campania than should not be missed!

Departures from Naples are scheduled twice per month with rides both in the morning and in the afternoon. The round ticket includes the free entrance to the Museum and its exhibit. For additional information about the scheduled departures and tickets please read the Event Brochure.


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