Travel On A Budget With Campania Artecard

How To Visit Highlights And Save Money

Are you planning to visit Naples and explore its surroundings for few days? If you know you’ll be packing in a lot of popular attractions into your stay, you may be able to travel on a budget by purchasing a city pass.

The Campania ArteCard is indeed the local pass that allow you to save money and time while visiting the most beautiful attractions that this unique area can offer to visitors from all over the world. This city pass gives you free or discounted entries into dozens of attractions over a set number of days for one fixed price together with free use of local public transports.

Why purchase a city pass?

A city pass for sightseeing can indeed save a lot of money, but it’s not always a good deal. Many of the city passes have recently risen in price significantly so most of the visitors prefer to buy single admissions to the several attractions they plan to visit. But this is not always a good idea since you may risk wasting a lot of time and money during your stay. Our suggestion is to make a list of attractions to visit, check online the admission costs for each and then look the city a pass offers for your travel destination. You might find it cheaper to just buy individual tickets. If the price is about the same, consider this fact: the city pass eliminates the need to queue by offering skip the line lanes at most of the ticket offices.

The are several versions of the Campania ArteCard depending on the length of your stay and the type of highlights you decide to visit. Here are our suggestions to help you planning your excursions in Campania.


CAMPANIA 3 DAYS (Adult 32€ – 18/24 years old 25€)

If you plan to stay at least 3 days in the area and want to visit several attractions in Naples and in the surrounding areas you should definitely choose this city pass. It allows you to enter for free in 2 attractions (including Pompeii and the MANN – National Archaeological Museum of Naples) and travel unlimited by public transportations on the Linea 1 tube, public busses in the city, funiculars and regional trains (including Circumflegrea, Cumana and Circumvesuviana trains). You will also be entitled of a 50% discount on further sites you choose to visit.

The card is accepted at around 80 attractions in Campania, including 40 only in the city of Naples.

Some of the major sights included:

For the complete list of the sites which accept the Campania ArteCard 3 Days, please refer to the official website.


CAMPANIA 7 DAYS (Adult 34€)

This city pass entitles you to enjoy exclusive discounts and concessions, together with free access to the first 5 sites of your choice, and up to 50% discount from the 6th site onwards. The transport is not included so might be the perfect choice if you plan to explore the area with a private driver. As the Campania 3 Days you can choose within 80 different attractions to visit in Campania. For the complete list of the sites which accept the Campania ArteCard 7 Days, please refer to the official website.


NAPLES 3 DAYS (Adult 21€ – 18/24 years old 12€)

This city pass is similar to the Campania 3 Days version (including also public transportation) but it includes only the most important museums and cultural sites in Naples area (Pompeii and Herculaneum, for example, are NOT included). First 3 admissions to the city highlights are free and up to 50% discount from the 4th site onwards. Check the full list of attractions online.

Campania Artecard - 3 Days

365 GOLD PASS (Adult 43€ – 18/24 years old 33€)

Planning a long term stay in Campania and you are particularly fond of art and history? The city golden pass is what you were looking for! It allow you to visit for free all the sites, museums, archaeological areas and places of cultural interest included in the list of the ArteCard newtork, twice a year and offers you reduced prices ticket to other cultural places.


How to buy the city pass & use it

Campania ArteCards can be purchased online or at the most important museums and archaeological sites of the circuit. Just be aware that the voucher that your receive when buy it online must be converted into the city pass itself at the info points situated at the Capodichino Airport or at Garibaldi Central Train Station.

The ArteCard will be activated with the access to the first site or with the first use on public transport. Do not forget to write on the back of the card your full name together with the activation date. The card is strictly personal and cannot be transferred to other people. Carry it with you all the time and show it to staff members when required. When visiting an attraction show the city pass to the ticket office to get the free access while when using public transportation insert the card in the validation machine with the arrows side down or to the back.


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